Hypersprectral Images

29th July - 2nd Aug. 2013, Horn, Austria

Further education course held by Roberto Padoan, Restaurator and Marvin Klein. Roberto Padoan is recently working at the Nationaal Archief Conservation & Restoration Department, The Hague, Netherlands. Marvin Klein is recently working at Art Innovation B.V., Netherlands.


Pre-knowledge of course participants

No previous knowledge of physic and chemistry is required from the participants because the basic principles of multispectral analysis and their application in the field of conservation will be expounded in the first part of the course.

The course fee including the nights between course days accommodation is 780.00 € plus 10% VAT.

Content of the course

The course is mainly intended for conservators and curators of historical materials preserved in archives and libraries. Professional figures involved in historical studies of documents such as archivists, paleographers and historians can also benefit from the content of this course. However, the main focus will be the application of spectral imaging for monitoring aging process in the field of paper conservation.
Participants will receive basic knowledge to critically and objectively evaluate qualitative and quantitative spectral data for chemometric analysis, monitoring applications and historical study of library and archive materials.
Theory and practical applications with various multispectral and environmental monitoring instruments will also provide participants with enough knowledge to generate by themselves a multispectral documentation of the analyzed documents.