Mastering Materials, Techniques and Concepts

5th-9th Aug. 2013

further education course in Horn

Lecturer: Mag. Dominic Chan


The Challenge of mastering materials, techniques and concepts can be met best in the experience of the actual creative process.

The deep and true understanding of original drawings and masterful prints, the essential process of abstracting the three dimensional and ultimately capturing it in the two dimensions of the paper surface demands the senses and the knowledge only acquired through the practice of unfiltered immersion.

Even though this course was especially designed for restaurateurs, art-historians, curators and collection supervisors, artists of all fields are of course also encouraged to join.

All relevant techniques and materials of free hand graphic art (charcoal and caulk, pencils and pastel) will be scientifically analyzed and documented. In intense drawing assignments this knowledge will be completed and incorporated on a non verbal level.

The experience of first hand creative application will strengthen the power of discernment to a much greater degree then mere textbook studies.

This course will continue the long and venerable practice of traditional academic studies, nude drawing and copying, formerly required for a restaurateurs degree. The act of creating free hand drawings has also, in recent times, regained importance among art-historians, critics, and professionals in the art market.

Theory and application are purposefully combined, offering a course defined by hard work and joyful rewards.

The deadline for application is one mounth before the course starts.
The course fee plus accommodation (4 nights in a guest house which is
in the same place as the course) is 400,00€ plus 10% VAT.

For a bit higher price we can also reserve you a room in a hotel.
number of participants is restricted to 10. 


Accommodation during the course is either within the building
(guesthouse) or in a close hotel (hotel conditions) and is included in
the price. The guesthouse offers a kitchen where participants can
prepare own meals and the close connection to the venue is of
advantage, but there is no TV and no telephone in the rooms. The hotel
is 5 minutes to walk from the venue, but provides all facilities a
hotel normally got.

In case you wish for a hotel room, please contact Mrs. Wieland
immediately after your registration: wieland(at)

For any questions concerning invoices or financial affairs also Mrs.
Wieland is happy to assist you.

After applikation you will be provided with further information.