The Understanding and Analysis of Organic Materials in Art

Capita selecta: proteins; natural organic dyes and pigments

2nd – 6th September 2013, Horn, Austria

Further education course held by Dr. Jan Wouters

Short description of the course



A short introduction will be given to understand why the analysis of organic materials in art requires an approach different from the analysis of inorganics. It will explain that the key features of organic analysis are analytical and spatial resolution. It will lead to suggesting logical sequences of hyphenated analytical approaches.



The course on proteins aims at improving the understanding of the diversity of proteins present in materials used for the creation of objects of art and culture as well as for their conservation. The traject of understanding starts from the elementary building blocks, amino acids, and ends with the smallest observable morphology. The clarification of the scanning electron microscopic morphology of a collagen microfibril and of its properties is taken as an example. The multi-level spatial configuration of proteins will be explained and will be at the basis for understanding protein degradation and enzyme activities. The potential of calibrated amino acid analysis with high-performance liquid chromatography will be illustrated with a series of examples within a heritage context. Practicals include the making of models of amino acids and small peptides to illustrate optical and position isomerism and to understand spatial configurations;...




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