Understanding of Asian Bookbinding Techniques

9th – 13th September 2013, Horn, Austria

Further education course held by Lin Zhang Freund

Short description of the course

Asian bookbinding differs significantly from European bookbinding.
This course is not only forwarding the Asian bookbinding technique, but also the philosophy
behind it. The understanding of and ability to handle paper represents the foundation for
bookbinding and also for paper conservation skills. Understanding different constructions of
Asian bookbinding styles and their development through the past one thousand years will
provide a thorough perspective on how Asian books were designed, used and stored.
In practical sessions, workshop participants will bind their own books in various Asian styles,
creating materials such as notebooks, scratch books, photo albums or other types of books
thus gaining a profound understanding of, how to treat their private collections of Asian books,
get inspiration for artistic enterprises or enrich their conservator´s material – technological

Structure of the Course

• Morning session: Historical development of bookbinding techniques in China. Theoretical
knowledge regarding background, requirements and technical recourses in relation to Asian

• Afternoon session: Practical exercises in traditional Chinese bookbinding techniques.

The aim of the course is

• to understand the materials used in Asian bookbinding and their qualities.

• to learn how to use Chinese/Japanese paper and paste in bookbinding

The course is opened to all who would like to understand and use Asian paper and techniques for


Lin Zhang Freund is an independent Paper Conservation Studio in Sollentuna, Sweden. More than 20
years conservation experience in Swedish state museums and libraries.

1978-1980 Studied English Language at People's University of China
1982-1984 Studied and worked at Oriental Language Institute at Stockholm's
University, Sweden
1984-1986 Librarian at Stockholm's University Library, Sweden
1986-1993 Librarian at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Sweden
1993-1996 Studied paper conservation at Gothenburg's University, Sweden
1994 Studied paper conservation in National Library and Palace Museum in
Peking, China
1995 Studied paper conservation in Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan
2002 Studied paper conservation at National Research Center in Tokyo,

1996-1998 Paper conservator at National Museum, Sweden
2006 Master course in paper conservation at Gothenburg's University,
1997-2008 Paper conservator at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities,
2009-> Own paper conservation studio in Stockholm


Accommodation during the course is either within the building (guesthouse) or in a close hotel (hotel conditions) and is included in the price. The guesthouse offers a kitchen where participants can prepare own meals and the close connection to the venue is of advantage, but there is no TV and no telephone in the rooms. The hotel is 5 minutes to walk from the venue, but provides all facilities a hotel normally got.

In case you wish for a hotel room, please contact Mrs. Wieland immediately after your registration: wieland(at)kunsthaus-horn.at (http://kunsthaus-horn.at/pages/kontakt.php)

For any questions concerning invoices or financial affairs also Mrs. Wieland is happy to assist you.

The course fee including nights from 10th to 12th Sept 2013 in the guesthouse costs 680 Euros plus
10% VAT.

For questions concerning the content of the course Dr. Engel will assist you:

After application you will be provided with further information.